Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

The holiday season brings with it the stringing of lights, cooking for large crowds, lighting candles, plugging in heaters, and lighting  crackling fires.  Sounds cozy… and also maybe a little perilous.  We interviewed electrician, Brandon Peacock  to give us a few holiday tips to keep everyone safe and sound.

Here are the highlights of our chat:

  1. Older string lights and other electrical decorations may be past their prime if they are causing breakers to trip.  It’s likely your decorations (which get used annually) that are the issue, not the breaker box.  The breaker box is “tripping,” to keep you safe.
  2. Water your tree to avoid a fire hazard.  Although tree lights don’t generate a tremendous amount of heat, over time they do heat up, and a dry tree can be highly flammable.
  3. Keep your cats safe this holiday, says Crystal (@thecatladylender), with these 3 tips:  If they are tree climbers, secure your tree with a bungie cord or string around the center of tree and anchor it to the wall.  Check your lights for frays which indicate if your pet is chewing on them.  Sprays of apple bitter can help deter pets from chewing on your tree and lights.
  4. Don’t plug a heater into an extension cord.  It will overload the cord because electric heaters draw a lot of power, and extension cords are not rated for that much power.

Have other electrical concerns? Contact Brandon Peacock at 919-500-1435 or

Mortgage questions? Contact Crystal Vroman at 919-256-3155 or she’s on instagram: @thecatladylender

Questions about buying or selling a home? Contact Christine Molloy at 919-247-1989 or




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