Can an Open House Really Sell a Home?



Hi folks!  This is a little follow up video to the one I just posted entitled Should I Attend an Open House Without My Real Estate Agent.

I have been hearing some agents claim that homes don’t get sold through open houses.  They suggest that it’s just a way for listing agents to pick up buyers.  I feel that this is untrue.  Case in point, I just sold a N. Hills townhouse through an open house I held this weekend!

Here are things I do at my open houses to help get your home sold:

  1. I put thought into the things that make your home special and then design my open house around them.
    1. Example: the townhouse I mentioned had a great deck that looked out onto a lovely wooded area.  Hence, when people came by to tour the home, I let them know we had cold drinks out back.  It was a terribly hot day and they might have avoided going outside without this enticement. This allowed them to spend a minute on the deck while sipping an ice cold La Croix and imagining entertaining out there.
    2. Example: I staged the bathrooms with pretty shower curtains and matching towels and candles. The bathrooms were a nice selling point since each of the two bedrooms had a full bath attached which is not always the case.  This allowed the baths to shine rather than looking dull and empty.18_7416_PENNY_HILL_LN_FULL_BATH1
  2. At NextHome RARE Properties we make sure that our listings get little signs posted throughout the home that call out unique features of that home.  This is helpful when people are touring at an open house and also when they come by for a private showing with their agent and I am not there.  As they move through the house, cards remind them to note things like a wood burning fireplace or a front porch perfect for enjoying their morning coffee or a refreshing community pool just steps away…35356454_10157406792728056_9119483873250508800_n

3. Great signage.  It’s important to place lots of signs running from the main road through the neighborhood up to the house so potential buyers don’t get lost.  This seems obvious, but putting out signs can be a pain and sometimes an agent might skimp.

Open house front shot

So to sum things up… YES you can sell a home through an open house, IF that open house is done correctly.

If you have other questions about how I can help you sell your home quickly and for a great price, please contact me at:

cell: 919-247-1989


Happy to answer your questions!


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