I-540 – finishing the loop

As folks here in Raleigh discuss the possible arrival of Amazon HQ2 and now Apple, the conversation inevitably turns to traffic. We’ve all seen our commute times increase as Raleigh and the surrounding areas become more and more popular.  As people and businesses move in, our cars… well,  stop moving in the ever growing traffic. For this reason, I am glad to hear that our NC DOT received final federal approval on the planned 540 route.  Not that this is a solution to all our traffic woes by any means, but it’s an important step.  Another reason this makes me happy is that indecision over the routes is tough on homeowners.  For years, some homeowners had difficulty selling because 540 might encroach on their neighborhood.  There were multiple possible 540 routes proposed and sellers were left in limbo with buyers hesitant to purchase a home too close to one of the possible routes.  No one wants to buy a home that might suddenly have a highway running behind it! Imagine this going on for years and years and watching the value of your home decline all because of a “maybe.”  The choice of the “Orange Route” a little over a year ago brought relief to some and closure to others.  This federal approval of the route is the next step in moving forward. Here is a Triangle Business Journal article giving ore details about the latest I-540 news…

Complete 540 Project Scores Final Federal Approval to Move Forward

A possible future issue with the 540 completion, however, could be environmental concerns over two endangered species of mussels that live in Swift Creek over which 540 will traverse. More on this here..

Feds Approve Route for NC 540 across Southern Wake. Will Mussels Still Stand in its Way?

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