Radon: Real Estate Meets Chemistry

Okay, the photo I used for this post is pretty goofy, but radon is no joke.  It is the second highest cause of lung cancer after smoking.  Yikes!  And it could be lurking in your home or a home you’re thinking about purchasing.

Here’s the non-terrifying part:  Radon can detected with a simple test during your inspection phase, and if found at unsafe levels, it can be dealt with.  The Realtor.com article below goes into exactly how.  Also, the seller will often pay for the remediation because they know that any buyer will find the same issue and want it fi

Photo Credit:  thesuccess at Morguefile.com


Has this ever happened to me?  Yes, before I became a broker, one of the homes I purchased tested too high for radon.  Thank goodness we had the test done!  And the sellers agreed to pay for the remediation which was done before closing to the tune of $1500.

The full article below goes into detail about what radon is. how the testing is done, and what the remediation entails.

Source:  http://www.realtor.com/advice/buy/what-is-radon-how-to-check-your-home/?iid=rdc_n

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