Is This a Safe Neighborhood?

Real estate brokers get asked this question on a regular basis as they are driving clients around looking at homes.  The problem is that while a broker may know a great deal about the housing market and the community in general, the real experts you

Photo By: VerticalStripe at

want answering this question are the local police.  Luckily, those experts are now at your fingertips!

Many police departments are launching crime maps that allow you to punch in an address or landmark and see exactly what crimes (if any) have been committed in the area.

What I love about these maps is that they are data driven.  It’s a much better way to determine the safety of a neighborhood than asking your broker.  Brokers are people, and people have their own biases.  I say, go to the data source and ask the true experts instead. (crime map for Raleigh) (map for Durham)

Another good resource in terms of safety:

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