Commuting in the Triangle

One thing that is often top of mind with homebuyers is how long their commute will be.  I generally find that my clients wish to keep their commute to 30 minutes or less.

Photo credit:  DodgertonSkillhause Productions

Since 64 people are being added to the Wake County population each day (that’s net growth!), additional transportation options are needed unless we want to become traffic logged like some other cities.

Read more about Wake Co. population data here:

Last month, voters passed a transit bill that will raise the sales tax rate by a half-cent to fund the Wake Transit Plan.  This plan creates a commuter rail between Garner and Durham and improves bus service throughout the county.

There is also news for those who prefer to commute via car.  The state is planning a new freeway that will connect Raleigh and Durham and run alongside I-70 for a 5 mile stretch.  This is important news for homebuyers who commute between the two cities.

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